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Large Green and Pink Carlgreni Mushroom Coral - 2.25 Inches

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Large Green and Pink Carlgreni Mushroom Coral - 2.25 Inches


This Carlgreni mushroom coral is a very coloful vibrant green mushroom coral. The mushroom coral is 2.5 inches. The coral is growing on a piece of live rock. Don't miss out on this beautiful mushroom coral!

The carlgreni mushroom corals are an easy to care for coral . The coral prefers lower water movement and cannot handle high water flow. The coral can be fed small particles of foods like Cyclo-peeze. The coral does not have to be fed.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Lighting: Low too Medium

Waterflow: Low to Moderate

Scientific name: Rhodactis sp.

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Great Packaging for Winter

Hi I just wanted to thank you again. The shipment was packaged very well. All 3 are doing good. When my wife lets me I will order some coral or anemones. Thanks Frank