They're here!

My four berghias are settled in and laying egg spirals. I can't wait til they hatch! I ordered three nudibranchs, got one free,now with the eggs, make that 1000 free! The Snails are mowing the algae just fine. I love you guys!

Lisa Bledsoe from Indiana

Large Starry Blenny - Salarias ramosus

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Large Starry Blenny - Salarias ramosus


This Starry Blenny, Salarias ramosus, is approx. 3.5-4 inches long and eating a variety of captive foods. It is mottled brown with white dots and yellow fins.

This blenny has unique looks and a fun personality. It has oversized red eyes and typical body shape of the Blenniidae family, Salarias. The starry blenny is a peaceful fish as long as not housed with the same species in a smaller tank.

The starry blenny does best in well-established 30 gallon or larger aquariums with large amounts of natural algae to feed on. The diet can be supplemented with vegetable matter, spirulina, and herbivore preparations.

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Just wanted to send you a email saying that i got them today, and boy were they hungry... they devoured 2 in under 5 minutes. Cant wait for them to get in my tank! Thanks, Steven