I received my Berghia in great condition. I followed the instructions on how to properly acclimate them into my tank, and now just waiting for them to do their best. Thank you Salty underground for your exceptional service and products.

B W Kirkland from North west florida

Nassarius Spp. Sand Snails

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Nassarius Spp. Sand Snails


Nassarius snails are great reef scavengers specializing in consuming uneaten meaty fish food. They will not eat detritus or healthy animals. They can live for years in a tank if well fed. They live in the sand and emerge to eat.


$1.99 Ships within 24 hours.


2-Days In Florida

Well, the berghia arrived after sitting at our FedEx office for an extra day. I am right now getting them accustomed to the water in my tank, I put two aiptasia heads in the bag for them and they went right to work eating them. Its pretty cool how the...

Donna from Florida