I received my Berghia and I am pleased to say that they came in perfect condition! I did acclimate them per the email. I few days later, I checked the tank with a small flashlight at night and I saw 2 out of 3 eating aptasia. I'm sure the 3rd one was a...

Laura M from Illinois

Neon Green Trachy Coral - 3 Inches

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Neon Green Trachy Coral - 3 Inches


This 3 inch Trachyphyllia coral is neon green. This is very brightly colored and will add a bright slash of color to your tank.

Common names for Trachyphyllia corals are Open brain coral, Folded Brain coral, and Crater coral. It needs a moderate water flow to keep its surface clean of debris which can be harmful to this Brain coral.

These brain corals will take meaty foods readily for maximal growth.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy to Medium

Temperament: Semi-aggressive

Lighting: Low

Waterflow:  Medium

Scientific name: Trachyphyllia sp.




The berghia arrived right at 10:30AM. Followed the instructions to a T. It went very smoothly and the first one in the tank found an anemone and started picking it apart. I put a medium anemone in the bag as suggested and that made it even easier. ...

Richard P. from Virginia