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    Looking forward to my next purchase as I admire your customer service, and competency. Its a refreshing concept, in this mad rush world. thanks again

    Ralf S. from Fort Lauderdale

    New Cyphastrea Coral - 1 Inch t-3

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    New Cyphastrea Coral - 1 Inch t-3


    This new Cyphastrea morph has brown with green polyps. It is 1 inch and growing on a frag disk. Get a new cyphastrea morph for dirt cheap!

    Cyphastrea sp. are usually massive or hemisherical.  They come in striking colors, with the polyps usually of contrasting colors like pink eyes on a blue background or green eyes on an orange background.  These are in the Faviidae family of corals, which are generally considered to be LPS (large polyped stony) corals, but many hobbyists classify Cyphastrea spp. as SPS (small polyped stoney) corals due to the size of the polyps.

    Quick Care Info

    Care Level: Moderate

    Temperament: Passive

    Lighting: Low-Moderate

    Waterflow:  Moderate

    Scientific Name:  Cyphastrea sp.

    $24.99 Ships within 24 hours.

    Aquarium Maintenance

      Thanks for the Help

      I wanted to let you know that our Berghia arrived about 9:00 this morning and I just finished acclimating them and putting them all into our 135 g tank. Thanks for the great service and helpful tips.

      Cathy from Missouri