I am a beginner at this salt water reef tank hobby. I placed an order for several coral about a week ago from Salty. The shippment arrived right on time and everything was alive and in tact. I must say they did a great job of packing the corals and mak...

Dean Huffman from Doylestown, PA

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Blue Berry Gorgonian - 3 to 4 Inches
Real Deal 
Neon Orange Tree Carnation Coral (3)
Neon Orange Tree Carnation Coral (1)
Green Candycane Coral- 2 heads
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Green Candycane Coral- 1 head
1 Head 
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Very Nice Quality!

I have ordered coral a few times from this company and not have been disappointed one time. Lisa is a very hands on person with great customer service. On a previous order I had ordered a purple death poly and some how it disappeared in my tank during ...

Deborah Randall from Columbus Ohio