Berghia arrived safe and sound

The berghia and corals arrived safe and sound, right on time. Berghia were active in bag and while acclimating. The ONLY thing I had trouble with was that they wanted to stick to the inside of the pipet and I was afraid I jostled them too much getting ...

Stacye Richey from New Albany, MS

ORA Aquacultured Australian Bright Green Duncan Coral - 7 Heads

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ORA Aquacultured Australian Bright Green Duncan Coral - 7 Heads


Our cluster of ORA aquacultured bright green duncans has 7 heads. This coral grows new heads quickly if you provide weekly feedings of frozen mysis or brine shrimp. It is attached to a man made rock base.

The colonies form via long, tubular corallites with neon green oral discs and polyps that stay extended day and night.

Native to the deeper waters of Western and Northern Australia and the South China Sea. This corals natural location is in deep waters on soft and often muddy substrates or shallow shady turbid areas. Place in low to moderate current areas with low to moderate light in the home reef aquarium.

This coral is peaceful and does well with other non-aggressive corals and invertebrates. 


Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Peaceful

Lighting: Low to Moderate

Waterflow:  Low to Moderate

Scientific name: Duncanopsammia spp.

$72.99 Ships within 24 hours.


great experience

I have used saltyunderground a couple of times now. This is a great company to deal with. They have the best response time of any company that I have ever dealt with. All of my emails were answered within minutes. All of my corals arrived in beautiful,...

CRAIG VAUGHN from kentucky