Beautiful Corals!

My coral arrived in excellent condition and was simply beautiful! I will order from this company again as this is one of the healthiest online coral shipments I have purchased!

Claralice Putnam from Oklahoma

ORA Electric Golden Derasa Clam - 2.75 Inches

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ORA Electric Golden Derasa Clam - 2.75 Inches


This ORA maricultured derasa clam has a golden orange and green color with bright blue rim. The shell is 2.75 inches in length. Clams are best kept in tanks with stable calcium levels and moderate to higher lighting.

In general, the color and pattern of clams can vary depending upon the angle from which you are viewing it.

Drip acclimate for 1.25 hours with the goal of tripling the water volume in the bag during that time. Quickly move from bag to tank.

$54.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Berghia Attack!

Watching these little critters attack is amazing...to see aptasia move away from them, with nowhere to hide was great, too...

John from Tacoma, Washington