Looking Good - See the Picture!

Thanks. I took this after a four hour drip acclaimation. Hope the photo is clear. They look happy and ready to eat (they ate two aptasia in the bad during dripping. -kevin


ORA Golden Derasa Clam - 3 Inches

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ORA Golden Derasa Clam - 3 Inches


This ORA maricultured derasa clams from ORA Farm have interesting patterns with orange and blue coloring. They are a bargain at this price. This clam shell is 3 inches in length. Clams are best kept in tanks with stable calcium levels and moderate to higher lighting. Derasa clams can appear to be different colors or have different patterns depending upon the angle viewed. A slow drip acclimation of approx. 1.25 hours and limited exposure to the air is recommended.

$59.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Doing Fine

I got them this morning at 11 and acclamated them for 2 hours before putting them into my tank. I just checked on them and saw one eating an aiptasia. They seem to be doing fine. I'll keep you posted as their progress continues. Thanks again! Ricky