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    Crawling all over.

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that I got the critters. Dripping right now. In two hours or so I will dislodge them (they are crawling all over) and introduce them to the tank with the lights and pumps off. Thanks again, Manoj


    Orange Heads with Purple Body Acan Enchinata Coral - 2 Heads

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    Orange Heads with Purple Body Acan Enchinata Coral - 2 Heads


    This enchinata coral has Orange Heads with Purple Body . This will glow under LED lighting. This coral has two heads with green eyes.

    Acanthastrea sp. are in the family Mussidae and are massive hermatypic (reef-building) corals with heavy tissue. Their walls are usually fused with adjacent corallites. They can be green, brown, maroon, purple, and gray. A. echinata is typically found in shallow water with moderate light and moderate water flow. They do well in captivity, and do not need to be fed.

    Quick Care Info

    Care Level: Easy

    Temperament: Semi-aggressive

    Lighting: Moderate

    Waterflow:  Moderate

    Species: Acanthastrea Enchinata

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    Aquarium Maintenance

      Spot On

      Delivery was spot on. Thank you. Everything came in healthy. Acclimated the animals properly... The firefish is hiding somewhere in my tank hopefully it'll come out soon.

      JP Jenne from US