The package arrived (9:20AM Eastern DST). Everyone appears alive and well. Now the ball's in my court. Thank you for the quick and professional service.

Mark from Maryland

Orange Spotted Diamond Goby - Valenciennea puellaris

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Orange Spotted Diamond Goby - Valenciennea puellaris


Our orange spotted diamond goby, Valenciennea puellaris, is a sand sifting goby and requires a tank with a live sand bed. This fish is about 2.25 inches long with very brght orange spots. It eats a variety of foods. The orange spot goby requires a tank of 30 gallons or more. It is guaranteed for live arrival.

$29.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Thank You

Hi, Just wanted to let you know the boys (or girls) arrived and at this time are being acclimated. Any way, Bill and I would like to Thank you very much for all your help and let's keep our fingers crossed that they eat it all up ! = ) Also Thank ...

Bill and Ida