Going Good

Everything is going great so far. I can still see one wandering around and have noticed a couple of aiptasia have diappeared. GOOD!! I'll let you know if we'll need a couple of re-inforcements. thanks alot!


Orange Spotted Diamond Goby - Valenciennea puellaris

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Orange Spotted Diamond Goby - Valenciennea puellaris


Our orange spotted diamond goby, Valenciennea puellaris, is a sand sifting goby and requires a tank with a live sand bed. This fish is about 2.25 inches long with very brght orange spots. It eats a variety of foods. The orange spot goby requires a tank of 30 gallons or more. It is guaranteed for live arrival.

$29.99 Ships within 24 hours.



The berghia arrived and are cruising around and look great. Thanks again for your responsiveness, I will let you know how everything turns out. Brian in New York

Brian from New York