Berghias!! Aptasia Assassins!!!

I feel like I have a duty to testify for Berghias, Berghias are absolutely the best way to rid your tank of Aptasias. All you need is patience! and an appropriate number of Berghias compared to how bad your infestation is. Only downside is that after y...

Dion Jones from Rockledge, Florida

Pink and Green Daisy Polyps Coral - 1 Inch

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Pink and Green Daisy Polyps Coral - 1 Inch

Our green and pink daisy polyps, Clavularia sp., are growing on a small an approx. 1 inch rock. This coral is easy to keep.

Daisy polyps do not need to be directly fed.  Instead, they will absorb nutrients like bacterioplankton directly from the water.  They also depend on their zooxanthellae.

Quick Care Info

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Peaceful

Lighting: Low to Moderate

Waterflow: Low to Moderate

Species Name:  Clavularia sp.

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Fantastic Frugal Frags...

..."Salty's Fantastic Frugal Frags" should be the title! The frags arrived in great shape with care taken for shipping. They were acclimated and placed in their new home within two hours after arrival (took some time with the drip acclimation proce...

Troy Jensen from NM