Berghia arrived alive and well, took my time acclimating, and as soon as released the largest berghia attacked an aiptasia right away...... :)


Poison Berry Acropora Coral - .75 Inches

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Poison Berry Acropora Coral - .75 Inches


This posion berry Acropora coral has purple white color. The coral is approx. .75 inches tall.

Acropora sps corals should only be considered for an established reef aquarium. Aquacultured corals are hardier and easier to keep in the home reef aquaria than their wild caught counter-parts. 


Quick Care Info

Care Level: Moderate

Temperament: Submissive

Lighting: Moderate

Waterflow: Moderate to High


Scientific name: Acropora spp

$49.99 $29.99 Ships within 24 hours.


Thank You

Hi, Just wanted to let you know the boys (or girls) arrived and at this time are being acclimated. Any way, Bill and I would like to Thank you very much for all your help and let's keep our fingers crossed that they eat it all up ! = ) Also Thank ...

Bill and Ida