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Love everything that i ordered! It all looks great! i am always checking your site for new arrivals. Your Happy Customer.

Matt from Michigan


Most Angelfish are a popular, colorful marine fish.  Being a live saltwater animal, they have their own personality and temperament. One may be reef safe and mild mannered while another of the same kind can pick on coral and even another be a bully. 
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Tibicen Keyhole Angel Centropyge tibicin
$54.99 $38.49
Fishers Angel
$69.99 $48.99
Half Black Angel Fish
$59.99 $41.99
Bicolor Angel Fish Centropyge bicolor
$49.99 $37.09
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first time buyer from Salty - very good quality corals. Great fast shipping with excellent customer service and proper communication. Would definitely buy from u guys again.

nikolai markov from Cliffside Park, NJ