Aquarium Maintenance

    Very Happy

    Thank you very much, I received the package today. I am very happy with the corals and your help, I will definitely buy from your company again.

    Michael C. from New York

    Aquacultured Corals

    Aquacultured corals are live corals that have been grown in a captive environment. Many of these corals have many generations between them and their wild mother colony. Aquacultured corals are hardier and typically easier to keep in the home reef aquarium than their wild caught counterparts.

    Our aquacultured corals come from facilities in the following states: California, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, and Texas

    LA Laker Type Zoas Coral - 12 Polyps
    Aquacultured Green Frogspawn Coral - 3 Heads
    $69.99 $49.99
    Aquacultured Green Frogspawn Coral - 6 Heads
    $99.99 $69.99
    Aquacultured Bright Blue Purple Mushroom Coral
    Popping Color 
    Cultured Pink Bubble Gum Chalice Coral t-4-2
    $42.99 $21.99
    Aquacultured Green Hairy Mushroom Coral - 1 Polyp
    Only 3 Left 
    $32.99 $21.44
    Aquacultured Super Saiyan Zoas Coral - 3 POLYPS T-4
    $49.99 $32.49
    Bright Blue Zoas Coral - 15 Polyps
    $42.99 $27.94
    Aquacultured Grape Ape Corals - 10 Polyps t-1
    $39.99 $25.99
    Bright Red Bam Bam Zoas Coral - 3 Polyps T1-2
    $32.99 $21.44
    Bright Red Bam Bam Zoas Coral - 3 Polyps
    $32.99 $21.44
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    Aquarium Maintenance

      Three Days in Shipping and Still kicking!

      The berghia finally arrived after three days [thanks a lot FedEx :( ] and they were alive! The water was ice cold but they made it none the less. Little buggers are tougher then people give them credit for. Anyways thanks alot I am very happy with them...