Aiptasia Freaking Out

Thanks a lot. Everything arrived in good shape. I acclimated the Berghia for 2 hours with the drip method. A couple are eating right now. At least I think they are because the aiptasias are freaking out. The corals look great and thanks for the free...

Jim from Chicago Area

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Two Little Fishes AquaStik Epoxy Putty Stone Grey 4oz.
Cures dry, damp or underwater 
AutoAqua Digital Inline TDS
Titanium S1 
$24.99 $14.99
Sicce XStream Wave Pump 8000
small yet powerful at 2,120 gph 
AutoAqua 120P Auto Top Off System ATO
complete system for automatically topping off your aquarium 
Two Little Fishes Aquastik Epoxy Putty Coralline Red 4 oz.
cures dry, damp or underwater 
Rossmont Mover M1500
3 year manufacturer's warranty 
Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder
reliable and versatile 
Super Glue Gel for all corals
Reef Safe Coral Glue 
Frag plug ceramic black - pack of 5
use for propagating corals 
PhosBan Reactor 150 Two Little Fishes
media reactor 
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The Berghia are GREAT. I would be happy to recommend you guys to anyone. The packing was great, the Berghia were huge and very healthy. I fed them during their 2-hour drip acclimatizing - they got some color on their cerrata, then I put them on a li...