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Well, you were very concerned that perhaps I wasn't dealing with an Aiptasia in the first place, but your Berghia are devouring the awful critters, so either this particular sea slug is expanding it's palette (highly unlikely)(lol), or we nailed the ri...

Paul R. from Chicago, IL



Nearly every reef-keeper can tell stories of the hours spent looking at their new tank, watching to see what new life will emerge from the liverock. It’s almost a magical time, especially for the new reef-keeper, as the wonders of the sea slowly unfold within the small glass world we’ve created for it.

Most stories that involve Aiptasia begin in the same way. Suddenly, a new little anemone is spotted on a newly adde...

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Berghia Nudibranches Destroy Aiptasia

Im so please with the Berghia Nudibranches they are eating the aiptasia the large and the small ones I wasnt so sure they would tackle the large ones but they ate that one last nite. ........Lisa

lisa cole