Arrived and Ate

Hi, They arrived right at 3:00 and are still being acclimated. They did eat a very small Aptasia and we?re looking forward to them eating a lot more! Thanks, Denise




Nearly every reef-keeper can tell stories of the hours spent looking at their new tank, watching to see what new life will emerge from the liverock. It’s almost a magical time, especially for the new reef-keeper, as the wonders of the sea slowly unfold within the small glass world we’ve created for it.

Most stories that involve Aiptasia begin in the same way. Suddenly, a new little anemone is spotted on a newly adde...

Articles in this section will discuss what coral reefs are, environmental issues pertaining to our ocean reefs, and what we can do to help protect them.

Articles here contain general information on aquarium corals and their care.

Marine Pests and Problems

Reef aquariums are very complex and keeping them heathyfor the long term can be difficult. Articles here can be used as a guidein keeping a healthier home reef aquarium.

Articles on Saltwater Fish, Invertibratesand their care.


Excellent packing, animals and service

You guys are great. Excellent packing, animals and service. More than a pleasure to do business with you. And thanks to Lisa!! Respectfully and Gratefully, Robert