Aquarium Maintenance

    Ordering Again Soon

    The corals arrived in good shape, and the heat packs were still warm! The Duncans opened right up, and the frag of the appleberry monti was a very, very nice piece (larger than i expected). And I'm hoping my platinum clowns take interest to the Duncans...

    Sean L. from San Jose, CA

    Bargain Bin Corals

    Our Bargian Bin corals are great cheap live coral for anyone's budget.  These corals include LPS, SPS and Soft coral.

    Aquacultured Green Eye Mist Chalice Coral T-3-1
    $34.99 $14.00
    Radioactive Dragon Eye Zoanthids Coral t-2-3
    $21.99 $8.80
    Green Star Polyp - .75 Inches (2)
    $14.99 $6.00
    Bright Green Moon Coral - .75 Inches T3-1
    $19.99 $8.00
    FedEx Saturday Home Delivery Surcharge
    Only for Saturday Home Deliveries 
    $18.00 $7.20
    Shipping Box - For Orders Under $20 Only
    Styro Box, Temp Control and Packing 
    $6.00 $2.40
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    Aquarium Maintenance

      Fun Critters

      Just wanted to say the berghia came in all looking great and they are already munching on aiptaisia - thanks for the great service and care in sending these critters - fun to watch.

      Dan H from Vermont