Beat the Cold

Hi, Received the berghia this morning they all survived the cold trip. Thought I let you know while there acclimating. Thanks a lot, John


Beginner Marine fish

Saltwater fish in this category are hardy and easy to keep for those new to the saltwater hobby.
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Captive Bred Orange Ocellaris Clownfish -
Won't last! 
$19.99 $17.99
Canary Blenny
Check back soon! 
$24.99 $22.49
Yellow Watchman Goby - Cryptocentrus cinctus
Fantastic personality 
$24.99 $22.49
Orange Barred Prawn Goby - Amblyeleotris Sp.
Pistol Shrimp Goby 
$32.99 $29.69
Neon Blue Velvet Damsel
Beautiful blues 
$11.99 $10.79
Rainfordi Goby
Court Jester Goby 
$19.99 $17.99
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Feedback on How My Berghia Have Worked Out

I took three and introduced them into a system with a 40g with a 10g refugium. I had aips everywhere and was 'keeping 'em at bay' with kalk paste. After carefully screening all pumps and ph's, I let 'em loose and they gradually *completely* elimin...