Hi, The berghia got here this morning and they are alive and moving around. Thanks so much!! Rod



Marine crabs play an important part in maintaining a saltwater aquarium. The two most important uses for crabs are the removal of algae and detritus. There are many different kinds of crabs and some are better than others in the removal of detritus and nuisance algae. Some crabs are just cool looking while others like the arrow crab are know to eat bristle worms. 
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White Reef Hermit crab
$2.19 $1.42
Red Leg Hermit Crab
Great Cleaner 
$1.99 $1.29
Horseshoe Crab Limulus polyphemus
Fascinating and fun creature 
$16.99 $11.04
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Absolutely Great Experience

All corals in great shape, nice sizes. Packaging best I've seen - nothing bumping around, all bags upright and not leaking. Colors of corals are very bright and all look healthy. I am very pleased and will definitely buy from you again!!

Carol Anderson from El Paso Texas