Thrilled with Everything

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the order. From accommodating my delivery date to the packaging and healthy specimens, you have impressed me. Thrilled how the nudis were packaged. Thanks again for how you've communicated with me this...

Kevin C. from Arkansas

Live Guarantees

Live Arrival Guarantee - US

Our livestock is guaranteed to arrive alive. Although very rarely, occasionally a Berghia, coral, fish or other livestock item is damaged or parish during shipping.

We require that you contact us the day they arrive to let us know you have a fatality or to discuss concerns you have for the health of the livestock. We require a digital photo of the item in question the day the order arrives. We are liberal with the guarantee and can extend it beyond the day of arrival when you let us know about the possible issue right away and include clear photos of the item of concern. Some digitata and montipora corals are fragile and may experience some breakage during shipping. In this case please send photos, and we wil either guide you on how to repair the coral or provide a credit where repair is not possible.

We will provide a refund or issue a credit coupon on the value of DOA Berghia. We will issue credits only for DOA fish, inverts and corals. Refunds and credits are for the value of the item only and do not include the cost of shipping. Credits are for use on future livestock purchases only and cannot be applied to the cost of shipping.

We do not guarantee deliveries which are left outside on a doorstep for more than 30 minutes or business deliveries where the first delivery attempt is missed because the business is closed.

Shipments sent to FedEx locations which are held for pick up are guaranteed if they are picked up the day they arrive.

Shipments delayed due to weather or FedEx mechanical failure are not guaranteed if they are not delivered overnight. No exceptions. We will do everything we can to alert you to possible weather issues in advance when they are foreseeable.

Saturday delivery and Saturday FedEx pick up are at your own risk if delayed beyond Saturday for any reason. FedEx is closed on Sunday.

Puerto Rico and Alaska: The live arrival guarantee applies only to shipments which arrive overnight and are picked up at a FedEx location the day they arrive. Shipping delays of any kind or pick up delays void the guarantee.

We do not accept returns.

Berghia Live Arrival Guarantee - Canada

Our Berghia are guaranteed to arrive alive. We require that you contact us the day they arrive to let us know you have a fatality. We may require a digital photo of the DOA item. We will refund or provide a credit on the value of the Berghia. Refunds and credits do not include the cost of shipping. The guarantee covers shipments that are picked up at your FedEx within 24 hours of the original drop off at FedEx in the US. We do not cover delays over 24 hours due to Canadian customs, weather or Canadian holidays.

A note about shipping in very cold or very hot temperatures: We have learned over the course of many years that shipping when the temperature is extreme can cause problems with ontime delivery and challenges controlling internal shipping box temperatures. The safest way to ship live animals during periods of extreme cold or heat is to pick up at your local FedEx. Contact us for the address of your closest FedEx.


All Perfect

The order arrived perfectly and everything went smoothly. I got the berghia home and acclimated all 6 perfectly alive and well Nudibranchs and they're I'm their new homes hidden likely until the lights go out for the night. I'm looking forward to watch...

Arlo U