Feeding Right Away

Kevin and Lisa, Thanks for sending the Berghia. They arrived yesterday in excellent condition and some are feeding on Aiptasia. Tom


LPS Corals

The LPS corals are generally larger calcareous corals than SPS coral and usually have a much larger fleshy polyp. Many LPS corals are hardy, easy to keep, and can even be fast growing. They will usually require less intense lighting and a lower water movement than SPS coral. Look for a great cheap live coral? Check out Salty's Frugal Frags! They can also be a good beginner coral!

Australian Thick Tentacle Torch Coral - 1 Head
3 Available 
Branching Gold Hammer Coral - 1 Head
2 Available 
Green Fox Coral Colony - 4.5 Inches
Green Bubble Coral
1 Available 
Aussie Rainbow Acan Coral - 4 Heads
Aussie Rainbow Acan Coral - 5 Heads
Aussie Rainbow Acan Coral - 7 Heads
Tye Dye Acan Lord Coral - 5Heads
Tye Dye Acan Lord Coral - 2 Heads
Aquacultured Umpalumpa Chalice Coral
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Better Than the Pictures!

Received the corals earlier today. They are doing great! All are as good or better than the photos would indicate. Especially happy with the elegance coral. It's nice and small; the perfect size for my 30 gallon nano. Thanks again

David C. from New York