Hello, I just now received my nudibranches. I will definitely be letting everyone I know that keeps Marine Aquariums about your site. Thank you once again for such great service. Now I have to go get these things acclimated hehe. Thanks again and ...


Marine Invertebrates

Every saltwater aquarium needs a variety of marine invertebrates to complete its natural biodiversity. Marine invertebrates provide an important function in keeping algae under control and eating excess food.

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Astrea Turbo Snail   Astraea tecta
General Grazer 
$2.19 $1.75
30 Pack Mix of Empty Hermit Shells
New Homes 
0.5 Inch or larger High Flow Berghia Nudibranch Quantity 50

Available Beginning 9/21/2020 
Rainbow Urchin Asthenosoma varium
$84.99 $67.99
White Reef Hermit crab
$2.19 $1.75
Invert Hermit 30 Pack Mix
General Grazer 
Serpent Starfish
$29.99 $23.99
0.5 Inch or larger High Flow Berghia Nudibranch  25 Berghia
Better Price
Available Beginning 9/21/2020 
0.25 Inch Berghia Nudibranch        50 Berghia
Free Shipping 
0.25 inch Berghia Nudibranch      Quantity 25
Good Buy 
1.5 Inch plus  Berghia Nudibranchs   XXL
Horseshoe Crab Limulus polyphemus
Fascinating and fun creature 
$16.99 $13.59
Pencil Urchin   Eucidaris tribuloides
stock photo/sizes vary 
$14.99 $11.99
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Well, you were very concerned that perhaps I wasn't dealing with an Aiptasia in the first place, but your Berghia are devouring the awful critters, so either this particular sea slug is expanding it's palette (highly unlikely)(lol), or we nailed the ri...

Paul R. from Chicago, IL