Bonus Coral!

Everything arrived great! Thank you so much for checking to make surte and the great customer service. There was even a bonus frag of xenia on the Palythoas :) and the Berghia are munching away. Thank you again!

Shaun from Catalina Island, CA

Marine Invertebrates

Every saltwater aquarium needs a variety of marine invertebrates to complete its natural biodiversity. Marine invertebrates provide an important function in keeping algae under control and eating excess food.

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Tropical Turbo Snails
Rock Urchin
White Pin Urchin
White Knuckle Hermit
Serpent Starfish t1-1
Bright Red Flame Scallop (Small)
1 to 1.25 Inch+  Blue Velvet Nudibranchs -
Act fast 
Chocolate Chip Starfish
Only a few left! 
Algae Eating Emerald Crab - Mithrax sculptus
Bubble algae eaters! 
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Fish Cleaners 
Peppermint Shrimp
Nassarius Spp. Sand Snails
Sand Dweller 
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Great Service

Looks like everything arrived fine. They are aclimated and in the tank. Can't wait to see what the berghia can do. Thanks for the great service.

Janet B. from NE USA