Feedback on How My Berghia Have Worked Out

I can't believe it, but I can't see any aiptasia in my tank. 3 months ago they were everywhere, now I can't even find one. These nudi's are heaven sent, thank you very, very much saltyunderground. They were worth every penny, and then some.


Marine Macro Algae

Macro Algae and plants improve the water quality of your marine tank by absorbing nitrates, phosphates, carbon dioxide, and some metals. It also adds a natural biodiversity to your saltwater aquarium while serving as a food source for many marine species!  Please see this article for more information about how algae can affect your aquarium.

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Aquacultured Dragons Breath Macro Algae - 1.5 Inches
Only 1 Left 
Aquacultured Red Ogo Gracilaria
Bright Color Algae 
$14.99 $7.99
Mermaid's Fan Algae with Root Ball
Only 1 Left 
Halameda Macro Algae with Root Ball
2 Available 
Shaving Brush Algae with Root Ball
1 Available 
Live Chaetomorpha Algae
For Nutrient Removal 
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Gorgeous Corals!

Thank you - everything looks great! The rock with the Anthelia and Eagle-eye zoanthids is beautiful. And I was surprised to find a couple of serpent stars! They are gorgeous. I put the biggest one into my refugium. Oh, yes, the candycane is abso...