Fat and Happy

I have 10 acclimated, fat, and sassy Berghia ready to go into the tank within the next few minutes. I am just hanging on until the lights go off on there own. Thanks for the good product and great shipping. Trey


Marine Snails

Snails are another vital part of natures clean up crew in the reef aquarium. Care should be used in selecting the approprate snail species because different snails are better in providing a balanced eco-system while others are not reef safe. 
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Margarita Snail
saltwater snail that eats hair algae 
Astrea Turbo Snail   Astraea tecta
General Grazer 
$2.19 $1.75
West Indian Star Snails
Cool Snail 
$2.99 $2.49
Invert Snail  30 Pack Mix
General Grazer 
Fighting Conch XL
$39.99 $24.99
Zebra Mexican Turbo Snails - -Medium
$4.10 $3.69
Cerith Snail   Cerithium litteratum
Great Algae Eater 
$2.99 $2.39
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Very Satisfied Customer

Quick Testimonial Here: First off, I had a terrific experience working with Lisa at Salty Underground. Her friendly and informative approach to dealing with my aptasia problem made all the difference. I had (emphasis on "had") an outbreak of aptasia...

Matthew Phillips from Morton IL