AA+ service

Im a new customer and the help was 100% better then any other I have had from a web based coral store!! Everything arrived alive and looking better then the photos! I have never had that happen. All my questions were answered and there were no issues ...

Patrick McGarry from memphis

Marine Snails

Snails are another vital part of natures clean up crew in the reef aquarium. Care should be used in selecting the approprate snail species because different snails are better in providing a balanced eco-system while others are not reef safe. 
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Virgin Nerite Neritina Virginea
No two are alike! Great algae eaters! 
Margarita Snail
saltwater snail that eats hair algae 
West Indian Star Snails
Cool Snail 
Invert Snail  30 Pack Mix
General Grazer 
Mexican Turbo Snails  Medium
Eat Hair Algae 
Zebra Mexican Turbo Snails - -Medium
Cerith Snail   Cerithium litteratum
Great Algae Eater 
Astrea Turbo Snail   Astraea tecta
General Grazer 
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Highly recommend

Wow, superfast shipping. Everything arrived the next day expertly packed. I acclimated everything put it in the aquarium and everything is doing great. I had a few questions and they responded nearly immediately and courteously. I would highly recommen...

John Garrett from Denver, Co