3 Egg Strands

They did great in shipping! I had 3 egg strands as well! They are now in the pile off 200 pounds of rock. I don't think I will see them again for a while :-) Thank you, Bill


Ordering & Shipping Berghia in Canada


We ship only Berghia Nudibranchs to Canada.

Customer Support Hours

Monday - Saturday: 8am - 5pm Central Time.  Call 314-779-7408 or E-mail info@saltyunderground.com

Placing a Berghia Order

We require a minimum order of $75.00 per Canadian order. If you do not meet or exceed this order quantity we will void your order.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Paypal through the online shopping cart and over the phone. Please note that your credit card charges are applied to your card when your order is placed. All pricing is in US dollars.


We will not ship your order until you have confirmed an arrival date with us. Please include your preferred arrival date in the comments box on the second screen of the check out. If you do not provide an arrival date in the check out process we will send an email requesting confirmation of the date that works best for you. A FedEx tracking number is e-mailed the day your order ships. Paper instructions are included with your order.

Click here for the Canada Live Arrival Guarantee

Our checkout is secure and no credit card data is collected or stored in our system or on our servers for your protection.


Salty Underground charges only our cost for shipping to keep the cost of your order as low as possible. FedEx International Priority overnight shipping for berghia is usually approximately $65 U.S. depending upon where you live. In addition, a fee of approximately $16.80 U.S. will automatically be added to your order checkout to cover duties and taxes. There are no additional fees charged when you pickup. All fees are paid up front during checkout.

You will see your shipping costs prior to paying for your order by selecting the items you want and beginning the checkout process. The second checkout screen in the shopping cart shows your shipping costs. You do not have to pay for your order until the third screen in the checkout process. We are happy to provide you with a shipping estimate. Simply e-mail us and provide your address.

IMPORTANT NOTES: We can ship to a FedEx office for pick up by you.. This allows you to receive your shipment at the earliest possible time and prevents exposure to extreme temperatures on delivery trucks. If you are unsure where your closest FedEx office is located send us an e-mail that includes your address, and we will reply back with the address.

Some locations in Canada do not have FedEx overnight shipping service. We will ship 2-day shipments at your own risk. We will use extra water and pack accordingly so the Berghia have a good chance of survival.

If the arrival date you request is a Canadian holiday it is up to you to alert us to the holiday. We will check with FedEx to find out if they are open or closed. 

If you live within driving distance to the US border, we are happy to ship to a FedEx office or other shipping service provider on the US side of the border for you to drive over to pick up. This shipping is much less expensive, avoids possible Canadian customs slow downs and international flight delays. We can also ship all livestock items on our website, not just Berghia. Contact us with your postal code if you are interested in this option, and we will research the location of the pick up point in the US for you.





Very Nice Quality!

I have ordered coral a few times from this company and not have been disappointed one time. Lisa is a very hands on person with great customer service. On a previous order I had ordered a purple death poly and some how it disappeared in my tank during ...

Deborah Randall from Columbus Ohio