Great Service

Thank you for the great service. From what I can see so far, they look great. Lets hope they can do the job.

Sara from Burlington, Ontario Canada

Saltwater Fish

Salty Underground features ever growing selection of saltwater fish species. Marine fish add color and activity to the marine reef aquarium. Saltwater fish will also tend to occupy different levels and parts of the aquarium. Some fish will perch on live rock while others will be right in the middle of the water column. When picking out fish it may be good to look at this in order to have a balanced look. Find out more about saltwater fish HERE.

Check back often as new marine fish are added regularly. 

Products per page:
Humu Picasso Triggerfish
remarkable colors 
Black Nox Angelfish Centropyge nox
midnight black color 
Lemonpeel Angelfish
Great personality 
Panda Goby Paragobius lacunicolus
Disappearing Wrasse
Fishers Angel
Purple Stripe Dottyback
Valentini Puffer-Canthigaster valentini
small and peaceful 
Springer Damsel
Sleek Unicorn Tang (Naso unicornis)
sub-adult size 
Bicolor Parrotfish
Very unique 
Twin Spot Goby
Purple Fire Fish Goby - Nemateleotris decora
unusual purple 
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Crawling all over.

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I got the critters. Dripping right now. In two hours or so I will dislodge them (they are crawling all over) and introduce them to the tank with the lights and pumps off. Thanks again, Manoj