Fun Critters

Just wanted to say the berghia came in all looking great and they are already munching on aiptaisia - thanks for the great service and care in sending these critters - fun to watch.

Dan H from Vermont

Saltwater Fish

Salty Underground features a selection of captive bred and captive raised saltwater fish. Captive bred fish are not only the choice of the environmentally aware aquarist but for any aquarist wanting to improve their success and enjoyment in keeping a marine aquarium. Capitve bred fish are usually hardier than their wild collected counterparts and also accept prepared aquarium foods readily. 

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Niger Triggerfish
Sailfin Tang 2 Inches
Captive Bred Orange Ocellaris Clownfish -
Wont last 
Percula Orange Ocellaris Clownfish
Yellow Flanked Fairy Wrasse
Male  Flasher Wrasse -
Mandarin Goby  - Synchiropus splendidus
In Stock 
XL Pajama Cardinal - Sphaeramia nematoptera
Crazy cool color patterns. Stripes, dots, PJs have it all. 
Scooter Blenny - Synchiropus stellatus
Rock Jumper 
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Berghia Nudibranch

My reef tank was loaded with aptasia. My Berghia arrived safely. I didn’t see them for a while so I figured they didn’t like my water and died. I took pictures of aptasia and none were missing. A few weeks later I saw an adult out during the day wh...

Susan Davenport from Ocean City, NJ