The berghia arrived right at 10:30AM. Followed the instructions to a T. It went very smoothly and the first one in the tank found an anemone and started picking it apart. I put a medium anemone in the bag as suggested and that made it even easier. ...

Richard P. from Virginia

Saltwater Fish

Salty Underground features an ever growing selection of saltwater fish species. Marine fish add color and activity to the reef aquarium. Saltwater fish will also tend to occupy different levels in the water column and areas of the aquarium. Some fish will perch on live rock while others will be in the middle, front and center! When picking out fish it may be good to look at this aspect in order to have a balanced look. Find out more about saltwater fish HERE.

Check back often as new marine fish are added regularly!

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Scopas Tang Zebrasoma scopas
$59.99 $47.99
Blue Lip Vlamingi Tang Naso vlamingi
Blue Colors 
$69.99 $55.99
Blue/Green Reef Chromis Chromis viridis
$24.99 $19.99
Black Leopard Wrasse
$79.99 $67.99
Flame Hawk Fish
$89.99 $71.99
Tangaroa Goby Ctenogobiops Tangaroai
$44.99 $35.99
Bumblebee Goby Amblyeleotris Wheeleri
$42.99 $34.39
Purple Stripe Dottyback
$24.99 $19.99
Paddle Fin Wrasse
Beautiful multicolor 
$69.99 $55.99
Hectors Goby Koumansetta hectori
$39.99 $33.99
Skunk Tilefish Hoplolatius marcosi
$74.99 $59.99
Bicolor Blenny Ecsenius bicolor
$39.99 $32.99
Sailfin Tang Zebrasoma velifer
$69.99 $55.99
Blue Head Wrasse Thalassoma bifasciatum
Beautiful multicolor 
$29.99 $23.99
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Excellent and Personal Service

I must say that I was a little nervous about ordering corals online, however with the nearest store with corals a two hour drive away the shipping was no more than the price of gas so I though I would try it. I must say that this was my best online sho...

Brenton Woodruff from Prescott, AZ