A+ for many years

I have been purchasing coral and inverts from Salty Und. for several years now. Everything I've ever purchased has been exactly what it was supposed to be, packaged very well, and I have had fantastic customer service. I have a Duncan colony that I got...

Andy Ruffner from Fairfax, VA

Sea Slugs

Sea slugs are shelless snails that when put in a saltwater aquarium are used usually to solve a problem. Berghia eats aiptasia, velvet nudibranchs eat flatworms, lettuce nudibranchs eat some algae and so on.
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0.25 inch Berghia Nudibranch
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Lettuce Nudibranchs
0.25 Inch Berghia Nudibranch        50 Berghia
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$425.00 $359.99
0.25 inch Berghia Nudibranch      Quantity 25
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1.5 Inch plus  Berghia Nudibranchs   XXL
3/4 Inch XL Berghia Nudibranchs - Each

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Huge Frag & Berghia Survival

You're the BEST! Thank you for the huge frag of that tort, she is beautiful and on my best rock receiving the flow from a Vortech mp40 and alternating current from my mp10. The Berghias were all fine and healthy and scurried into the rockwork fine...

Daniel G. from Miami, FL