Started with 6 now we have more!

Update for you. It's been 10 weeks yesterday since we put our 6 baby-B's in the tank. Didn't see them or notice change in the Aiptasia for several weeks, then thought the rock was looking cleaner and started spotting the Berghia once in a while - 3 o...

Lisa C.

Sea Urchins

Sea Urchins are a great addition to a clean up crew in that they can eat nuisance algae and left over fish food. They are reef safe but care should be taken in that they can knock over corals, small live rock, and anything else small and not attached well. 
Products per page:
Pencil Urchin   Eucidaris tribuloides - small
1-2 inches 
Black Spine Urchin
Rainbow Urchin Asthenosoma varium
Rock Urchin
2 inch 
Pin Cushion Urchin
stock photo/size and color may vary 
Blue Tuxedo Urchin
Algea eater 
Pencil Urchin   Eucidaris tribuloides - Medium
2-3 inches 
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I received my Berghias today, right on schedule. I found five, healthy-looking nudis crawling around in the bag (after I peeled off the seemingly endless layers of padding and insulation!). They were bigger than I expected. I'm familiar with the drip...