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Soft Corals

Soft corals have a soft internal fleshy / woody skeleton and are usually a great beginner coral to buy.  Many of these soft corals can tolerant a variety aquarium conditions and can be a good place to start when moving from a fish only to a reef aquarium. 

Purple Frilly Gorgonian Coral t-2-29-d
Purple Frilly Gorgonian Coral t-2-29-c
Aquacultured Pink Pom Pom Xenia Coral t-3
Wont Last 
Purple And Green Rhodactis Mushroom Coral t-3-22-k
$29.99 $22.49
Yellow Stick Gorgonian - 3-6 Inches
Yellow Movement 
Unattached Aquacultured Kenya Tree Leather Coral
Limit 2 per Customer 
$5.00 $3.75
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Aquacultured SPS Corals

Yesterday's corals are excellent, I haven't seen frags that are growing over the plugs in a while, too many cut/sell people out there today looking for the quick buck or the maricultured stuff which is real nice but doesn't seem to adapt well. I will ...

John from New Jersey