Aquarium Maintenance

    Noctural Eating

    I added berghia to my 75g tank. I never saw them again, but all of the aiptasia is gone!


    Soft Corals

    Soft corals have a soft internal fleshy / woody skeleton and are usually a great beginner coral to buy.  Many of these soft corals can tolerant a variety aquarium conditions and can be a good place to start when moving from a fish only to a reef aquarium. Looking for a great cheap live coral? Check out Salty's Frugal Frags!

    white polyp Toadstool Leather Coral
    Easy Care 
    $29.99 $17.99
    Aquacultured Kenya Tree Leather Coral
    Grows Very Fast! 
    $24.99 $14.99
    FedEx Saturday Home Delivery Surcharge
    Only for Saturday Home Deliveries 
    $18.00 $11.70
    Photosynthetic Yellow Stick Gorgonian - 3-6 Inches
    Yellow Movement 
    Aquacultured Pink Pom Pom Xenia Coral
    Fast Grower 
    $32.99 $19.79
    Aquacultured Pulsing Blue Xenia Coral
    Get this Coral While You Can 
    $34.99 $20.99
    Long Polyp Toadstool Leather Coral
    $35.99 $21.59
    Aquacultured Green Finger Leather Coral
    $24.99 $14.99
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    Aquarium Maintenance


      I ordered my first coral from Salty Underground less than a week ago and couldn't be happier! Customer service is fantastic and the livestock looks amazing. Thank you so much Salty for providing beautiful livestock at such an amazing price! Can't wait ...

      Miles Smith