Thanks for Nothing

I called last week, and got a return call from someone (did not get the name). I just wanted to personally say thank you for the wonderful, informative and helpful conversation we had. I had planned on ordering some of the Berghia's, but before you shi...


Soft Corals

Soft coral have a soft internal fleshy / woody skeleton and are usually a great beginner coral.  Many of these soft corals can tolerant a variety aquarium conditions and can be a good place to start when moving from a fish only to a reef aquarium. Looking for a great cheap live coral? Check out Salty's Frugal Frags!

Aquacultured Bright Yellow Leather Coral
Only 1 Left 
ORA Aquacultured Pink Pom Pom Xenia Coral
Only 2 Left 
Aquacultured Pulsing Blue Xenia Coral
Really Nice Xenia! 
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Only for Saturday Home Deliveries 
Super Glue Gel
Reef Safe 
Aquacultured Neon Green Leather - 2 Inches
Best Seller! 
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Thank you!

Ordered February ish? It is now May. I thought the berghia were dead, as aptasia continued to spread like crazy. I was wrong. Aptasia is basically gone except for a few left in the filter, berghia are all over my filter. Thank you so much for help...

Ernie L. from USA