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My Berghia arrived, been climatized, and added to my reef tank. They all appear to have survived the transfer from the plastic bag to my tank. They were apparently very happy in the bag as they didn't want to let go if it . They've all attached ...

Tom S from Cali

Tangs & Surgeons

Tangs are one of the most sought after saltwater aquarium fish in the aquarium hobby. There are many different varieties of tangs and temperaments. They can be kept in a reef aquarium or fish only tank. Some tangs can become quite large and should be housed in larger aquariums. Some tangs can be aggressive to other tangs and should be placed in the aquarium in order of their temperament, being least aggressive first to the most aggressive last.  .
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Sailfin Tang Zebrasoma velifer
$69.99 $52.49
Lemon Tang Acanthurus sp.
Active Swimmer! 
$83.99 $62.99
Blue Unicorn Tang (Naso unicornis)
$69.99 $52.49
Blue Hippo Tang Paracanthurus hepatus
beautiful deep blue 
$104.99 $78.74
Bristletooth Tomini Tang Ctenochaetus tominiensis
size may very 
$65.99 $49.49
Blue Lip Vlamingi Tang Naso vlamingi
Blue Colors 
$69.99 $52.49
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Tons of Eggs in the Bag!

They arrived great. This time there were tons of eggs in the bag(around 6-8 different clusters of eggs), this time I cut the bag in half and am leaving it in my refugium hoping they hatch inside of the bag, I never had any luck before and I figured if...