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Just wanted to let you know everything arrived in good condition and I am extremely happy. Everything was well packed and the warm packs were still warm, you guys are awesome. Wish I found your site long ago. I look forward to doing more business and t...

Joe from New York


Wrasses are a colorful medium size fish that are not normally aggressive to other saltwater inhabitants. With that being said some wrasses can be aggressive to other like wrasses. Care should also be taken when picking a wrasse. Some wrasses like to bury and should be kept in an aquarium with a deep enough sand bed to accommodate this.
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Rock Mexican Rainbow Wrasse Female Thalassoma lucasanum

Available Beginning 1/18/2021 
Blue Throat Sailfin Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus cyanogularis

Available Beginning 1/18/2021 
Yellowchest Twist Wrasse Anampses twistii
picture coming soon! 
Chiseltooth Wrasse
Fine Spot Fairy Wrasse
Blue Scaled Fairy Wrasse
Multi-color Fairy Wrasse
Paddle Fin Wrasse Thalassoma lucasanum
Beautiful multicolor 
Melanurus Wrasse(Halichoeres melanurus)
Worm Eater 
Juvenile Formosa Wrasse - Coris Formosa
Amazing change from juvenile to adult 
Christmas Wrasse Halichoeres
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The Best

I received my second order from Salty Underground today. Customer service is fantastic, great communication with SU after I placed my order, confirming my purchase, making sure I ordered correctly and making arrangements to get the order delivered even...

Jeremy Nelson from Maryland