You Guys Rock!

Everything arrived well and in good shape, and is now acclimated and in the tank. You were right, that rose Milli is amazing! And some great size on the other SPS pieces. I was worried as the temps got down to 15 last night, but you guys did a fantasti...

Stefan W from Indiana

Zoanthid and Polyp Corals

Zoanthids, Palyothoa and other polyp corals offer a huge variety of colors and patterns. Most of these corals are very affordbale and easy to keep in a reef aquarium.

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Magician Palys Coral - 2 Polyps 2-23-H
$39.99 $21.99
Umpa Zoa 2-23-F
$34.99 $19.24
Magician Palys Coral - 5 Polyps 2-23-C
$59.99 $32.99
Space Monster Zoa 7 Polyps 3-38-J
$144.99 $79.74
Magician Palys Coral (3 Polyps) 2-30-k
$44.99 $24.74
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Eggs the First Day!

Hello, They all arrived alive. I spent three hours acclimating them while also feeding them small aptaisia, They were all eating while acclimating =) I used the bowl you sent me to put them in and floated the bowl while taped to the side for three ho...