Aquarium Maintenance

    Berghia and Chalice are Great

    Hi, everything's good here. The Berghia seem right at home and I love the chalice. Thanks again Bob


    LPS Corals

    The LPS corals are generally larger calcareous corals than SPS coral and usually have a much larger fleshy polyp. Many LPS corals are hardy, easy to keep, and can even be fast growing. They will usually require less intense lighting and a lower water movement than SPS coral.  May LPS are excellent beginner coral! Looking for cheaper LPS coral? Check out Salty's Bargain Bin!

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    Aquarium Maintenance

      very impressed

      Just received my order from you guys , everything was packed good all was alive and well. Great selection you sent me, was my first order from you and will definitely order from you again. Thanks

      geoff chandler from cullman alabama