Aquarium Maintenance

    Big Berghia

    The Berghia you sent were larger than I expected and healthy. Thank you for such excellent service!

    Stephanie S. from USA

    Mushroom Corals

    Mushrooms corals are a wonderful and colorful addition to coral reef aquariums. Mushrooms corals are usually easy to keep and grow at a faster pace than many other corals. Mushroom corals are quite often very affordable.

    Aquacultured Green, Yellow, and Red Jawbreaker Mushroom
    $425.00 $276.25
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    $18.00 $11.70
    Blue Green Rhodactis Coral With Polyps - 1 polyp
    $39.99 $25.99
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    Aquarium Maintenance

      Berghia Munching Away

      I turned on the light in the little tank this morning to find one of the berghia munching on an aiptasia within view! I took this picture with my phone...its not the best quality. But I thought you'd like them and to know that they're workin' hard for ...

      Chrissie Stewart from Lubbock, TX