Multiplied Like Crazy 5/2/08

Hi Guys, Adored the berghia I bought from you & they multiplied like crazy. Now all my aiptasia are gone & they'll die if I don't find somehow to sell them or what have you. Any ideas? Do you guys buy berghia? I'd sell them super cheap! Just re...


Sea Sponge

Sea sponges come in a variety of colors and shapes. Sponges depend on water flow to bring them food. They are filter feeders and do best in well established aquariums, with clean water that has high nutrient level to feed from.
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Awesome Large Orange Sponge
10 to 12 inches tall 
$39.99 $29.99
Awesome Rare Tiger Sponge
$89.99 $67.49
Awesome Large Orange Sponge
5.5 inches tall 
$49.99 $37.49
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Prettiest Coral I Have

I have a 400 gallon tank filled with corals. My new dendro coral is certainly the prettiest coral I have. If you think this coral likes mysis, you should see it eat krill. Thank you for this awesome coral!

Gary Rosenbaum from Chesterfield, Missouri