Aquarium Maintenance


    I put three aiptisia eaters in my 14 gal tank and now they have eaten all the aiptisia. These guys are awsome!!! Thanks

    Rich P.



    Got it! I am so so thrilled. Thank you so much! Fabulous service.

    Testimonial by: Cathy I. of Valhalla NY

    Date Added: 06-06-2017


    I received my Berghia in great condition. I followed the instructions on how to properly acclimate them into my tank, and now just waiting for them to do their best. Thank you Salty underground for your exceptional service and products.

    Testimonial by: B W Kirkland of North west florida

    Date Added: 05-25-2017

    Great Service

    My order arrived safe and sound. Thanks for the prompt and personalized service!

    Testimonial by: Chanse M of CA

    Date Added: 05-09-2017

    Got it all going! Thanks, you guys are great!

    Testimonial by: Greg E of Texas

    Date Added: 05-07-2017


    Thank you so much for keeping me updated on the delivery. They arrived perfectly packed and are now in my tank hopefully eating lots of aiptasia.

    Testimonial by: Carlin J. of Cali

    Date Added: 05-03-2017


    They all look great!

    Testimonial by: Brian T. of Kansas

    Date Added: 04-22-2017

    Thanks for the Surprise

    Everything looks good, waiting for the small zoas to open, but the palys opened right up out of the bag....thanks for the getting surprise free corals....thanks again

    Testimonial by: Terry I. of USA

    Date Added: 04-16-2017

    Gorgeous Nem!

    I got the rose tip anemone acclimated and in tank. My large maroon clowns are trying to help the settling in as the anemone is moving around to find his happy home. All went well. Thank you. Shes gorgeous!

    Testimonial by: Don of Ohio

    Date Added: 04-15-2017

    Thank you!

    Everything looks great! Beautiful gold torch :)

    Testimonial by: David N. of Lancaster CA

    Date Added: 04-15-2017


    Our Berghia arrived beautifully intact and I can't emphasize enough how much we appreciate the extras that you sent our way. We were able to complete a full acclimation process and they are all looking healthy and happy! Thank you again for all of your feedback and support.

    Testimonial by: Rissa of Eureka, CA

    Date Added: 04-09-2017

    Thank You

    The black clowns are doing good. Don't see much of the harlequin shrimp but didn't expect that I would. I hope its busy eating that infestation of A.starfish that I somehow got. Thanks again!

    Testimonial by: Lenair S. of South Carolina

    Date Added: 04-07-2017

    Colorful Worms

    Thank you so much, everything looks great! Wow are the Christmas tree "worms" active - so many different colors. Thanks!

    Testimonial by: Robin G. of Washington

    Date Added: 04-05-2017

    Alive and Well

    Got the critters they all appear to be alive and well .... thank you for all your help and staying on top of the shipping .... you are a superstar.

    Testimonial by: Rich Russell of USA

    Date Added: 04-03-2017

    Spot On

    Delivery was spot on. Thank you. Everything came in healthy. Acclimated the animals properly... The firefish is hiding somewhere in my tank hopefully it'll come out soon.

    Testimonial by: JP Jenne of US

    Date Added: 04-03-2017


    We received the package in great shape. Thanks so much for the detailed acclimation instruction in your earlier email. My little boys are really excited about the starfish.

    Testimonial by: Matt Brown

    Date Added: 04-03-2017

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    Aquarium Maintenance

      Good Job

      I would like to express my gratitude for your services. Great selection, fair prices, images which are visible and not altered, and attentive customer service all add up to a nice package. I have seen your business grow over the last few years an...

      Chris A. from Colorado