Today, I am receiving my third order from Salty Underground! I am blown away by the quality of their corals and invertebrates. In all, I have ordered 27 corals and 89 inverts from them and EVERYTHING has looked better than the pics have shown. They hav...

ANGI COBB from Tulsa


Berghia arrived just fine

I received the 8 Berghia this morning at 10am. Packaging was excellent and they all arrived alive and well. I have heard that they sometimes arrive rolled up in little balls, but these guys were very active, fully extended and searching for food. I floated them for 30 minutes to equilize temperatures, then drip acclimated them for two hours. I also fed them a couple Aipstasia that I had collected last night. I then placed them on a rock, which they grabbed a hold of quickly and went on their merry way. Thanks for a pleasant buying experience! -Matt

Testimonial by: Matt

Date Added: 04-04-2006


Do I have Babies?

Hi! Just wanted to let you know things seem to be going well with the Berghia and ask your opinion on something. We put the original four in the small tank after we got them. I moved some eggs, but no adults to the main tank middle of November. A cou...