Colorful Worms

Thank you so much, everything looks great! Wow are the Christmas tree "worms" active - so many different colors. Thanks!

Robin G. from Washington


Berghia arrived just fine

I received the 8 Berghia this morning at 10am. Packaging was excellent and they all arrived alive and well. I have heard that they sometimes arrive rolled up in little balls, but these guys were very active, fully extended and searching for food. I floated them for 30 minutes to equilize temperatures, then drip acclimated them for two hours. I also fed them a couple Aipstasia that I had collected last night. I then placed them on a rock, which they grabbed a hold of quickly and went on their merry way. Thanks for a pleasant buying experience! -Matt

Testimonial by: Matt

Date Added: 04-04-2006


Canada Delivery

I just purchased some nudibranch from Salty Underground for shipping to Canada. The service was fantastic and communication during shipping 100 %. I was impressed that you had Fed Ex keep me posted the whole journey. The packaging was faultless and eve...

Ann Haire from Edmonton, canada