Two Day Shipment Arrives

I got the nudies around 1pm today they all recieved live and suprisingly active with eggs in the bag, they took to acclimation well and they all devoured a loose aiptaisa i dropped in for them while acclimating they have been added to the tank, which t...



Eggs the First Day!

Hello, They all arrived alive. I spent three hours acclimating them while also feeding them small aptaisia, They were all eating while acclimating =) I used the bowl you sent me to put them in and floated the bowl while taped to the side for three hours. About every 10 to 15 minutes I would put a pipette of tank water into the bowl I put two on one mushroom rock and two on another mushroom rock. The very next day two of them laid eggs. One was not a full spiral of eggs but the other was. I did find a spiral of eggs on the other rock where I can never find the little buggers. Thanks for checking in on the delivery. I am very pleased with them and cannot wait until they get bigger. I just checked on them and found two on one rock but none on the other. I will not hesitate to recomend you to anybody for your berghia. You will have my return business if ever I need anything from you again. Thanks Again, Dave

Testimonial by: Dave

Date Added: 04-23-2006


Eating Already

I just picked up my 3 large Berghia at FedEx and they are eating already thanks so much. I'll send you some pics soon. Thank you again Lisa, Clyde