Berghia Nudibranch

Failed to set up a QT and survived for years. Then had some aiptasia enter the system through some zoanthids. The aiptasia spread throughout the display tank even with repeated treatments of aiptasia removers and kalk. Eventually the display tank was o...



So far, So good.

Just wanted to let you know that the 5 Berghia arrived in great shape. Nice job with the packaging and heat packs. I decided to place them in a holding tank, so I can monitor them and hand feed them aiptasia. I found some info on how to do this online. I hope they breed before I add them to the main tank. I took my time introducing them to the holding tank, following your instructions with the drip. I've got all five in a jar partially submerged in the holding tank now. And three Berghia just went to town on a pest anemone. It took them only 30 minutes or so to eat it completely. I'm waiting to see what they do with the two other pest anemones I added to the jar. So far, so good. Thanks, Sean

Testimonial by: Sean

Date Added: 01-07-2007


Great Corals

You guys are great and run a great company. I am always one to spread the good word about a company or service when I'm a happy customer.