Vibrant Clownfish

I received the two clownfish. So far, they are doing well. I feed them New Life Spectrum marine (small) fish food and the Cyclop-eeze. They love the Cyclop-eeze. Thank you for recommending it to me. The clownfish are vibrant and colorful. Again, thank ...

William from New Jersey


The More the Merrier

Dear Kevin and Lisa, The Berghia arrived safely and appear to be doing fine. This turns out to be a bit of an amusing story, however. We had a well established Berghia population in our tanks when we moved in January 2004. The Aptasia took so long to recover from the move that we lost all of our Berghia. Just this last September we finally ordered more Berghia and after almost four months of no Berghia sightings and no noticable decline in the Aptasia population we decided they must all have died and we would try again. So we set up a separate 10 gallon tank to receive the new Berghia (our main tanks are a 125 and a 75). When they arrived we pulled a few Aptasia covered rocks out of our main tanks and placed them and the bag in the 10 gallon tank to begin acclimation. Looking back a few minutes later two huge Berghia had crawled out of the rocks we pulled out of the main tanks! Oh well, the more the merrier! Thanks again. Merrick

Testimonial by: Merrick

Date Added: 01-02-2008


They're here!

My four berghias are settled in and laying egg spirals. I can't wait til they hatch! I ordered three nudibranchs, got one free,now with the eggs, make that 1000 free! The Snails are mowing the algae just fine. I love you guys!

Lisa Bledsoe from Indiana