Thank you

Thank you Lisa, The info you gave me on aiptasia infestation was great! I will do some changes in my tank so I can improve the conditions.Thanks for the heads up on where to get a more accurate salt water&fresh water test kits. I will be looking forwa...

John Lund from Duluth, Minnesota


Berghia Look Great

Hi, I just wanted to let you know the Berghia arrived just fine. They look great. I acclimated them by drip method over a period of 2 hours. I have plenty of aptasia for them to eat. I have an infestation. Nothing else I've tried worked. Hopefully this will get rid of them. I will definately keep you in mind if I need to order anything else. Thanks Again Wendy

Testimonial by: Wendy

Date Added: 03-05-2008



Hello, The Berghia arrived in great shape. Thanks for the extra! Till next time, Christine