Thank You

All 4 of my corals were alive and are doing well. The pulsing xenia is my pick and has been very active. The paly grandis is beautiful and opening up and the toadstools are perfect. Thanks for picking such nice specimens.

Norma H. from Maryland


Thank you for all of your help

Just wanted you to know that the corals you sent are just awesome and doing so nicely in my nano tank. I've been working on the nitrates in my reef tank and although still have all the fish in there, have been much more diligent about testing w/ "real" kits vs dipsticks and doing weekly water changes and things are improving. Did buy another tank and will be moving some of the livestock out of the reef tank to allow the other guys more room "to live". You were really kind to spend so much time w/ me trying to sort out my dilemma. I am happy to report that I am being much more conservative w/ my nano and everything is looking just great! Hope to improve my reef tank situation an get rid of the pests and by providing another tank; keep everyone alive. Thank you. Carol

Testimonial by: Carol

Date Added: 05-28-2009


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Well, you were very concerned that perhaps I wasn't dealing with an Aiptasia in the first place, but your Berghia are devouring the awful critters, so either this particular sea slug is expanding it's palette (highly unlikely)(lol), or we nailed the ri...

Paul R. from Chicago, IL