One of the Best

Service is the best. Lisa is Awesome. Corals are always on point. This is my second time ordering and i can say I'm a customer when you do it like salty underground does it. Very HAPPY:) Salt on!

sarah ditch from Peoria,IL



Hi Lisa, I couldn't believe how great you packaged them. I have never seen anyone else take the time and concern that you folks do. I think other places could learn something from you guys. Maybe there would be less DOA. It only makes sense to package them right because of the cost, not only for the buyer, but also for the critter too. My heart is involved with these critters. When the battle is done, I know exactly where I will take them. They won't go to waste and maybe she will trade with me for something she has. I'm sure people would snatch up these critters. I'm not the kind to just let them die. Especially not after doing a hard work :-? They all came in excellent shape and I]m thankful. One was balled up, but sprawled out and I have a small rock with a glass anemone on it that I think they are eating. A small group of them are working around each other. It is cool to watch. The glass anemone although larger than they are retracted back and because of that made himself smaller so they could go up to it. I wondered how that would happen. Thanks again for all your patience with the credit card thing. I had waited so long to get some that I was anxious, I feel much better now. Thanks again for all of your help. Sincerely Denise

Testimonial by: Denise

Date Added: 07-14-2009


Third Coral Order

Received the coral this morning—excellent size and quality—again. I’m sure I’ll check your site from time to time and tell friends looking for nice frags. Thanks

John from New Jersey