They Look Great

I got the berghia at exactly 10:30. They have been acclimating for a little while now. I am taking it very very slowly with these guys. They do look great, by the way. All 3 are alive and crawling around the bag. I am looking forward to seeing the...

Gasper from RI


Fast Delivery!

My berghia arrived this morning and acclimation went well and all four are safely in the tank. Two of the berghia immediately went off together and started what looked to be mating but im not sure. But they got in the tank around 12 pm and everything went fine. Its now 5 pm and when I recently looked in to see if the two were still in the same hiding location, they both were and so was a stand of eggs that one of them has laid! Hopefully the eggs hatch successfully and hopefully the berghia continue to breed in the nano. Thanks for the good customer service and fast delivery. Now all I have to do is wait and see if they can knock out my aiptasia pandemic! Sincerely, Josh

Testimonial by: Josh

Date Added: 12-30-2009



Today, I am receiving my third order from Salty Underground! I am blown away by the quality of their corals and invertebrates. In all, I have ordered 27 corals and 89 inverts from them and EVERYTHING has looked better than the pics have shown. They hav...

ANGI COBB from Tulsa