Did their job and then some!

Hi, Wanted to give you an update that I still see the berghias every once in a while in my tank and they are so amazing. They really did their job and then some. I could not believe that in a few weeks ALL of the aiptasia was gone, and I think there...



Fast Delivery!

My berghia arrived this morning and acclimation went well and all four are safely in the tank. Two of the berghia immediately went off together and started what looked to be mating but im not sure. But they got in the tank around 12 pm and everything went fine. Its now 5 pm and when I recently looked in to see if the two were still in the same hiding location, they both were and so was a stand of eggs that one of them has laid! Hopefully the eggs hatch successfully and hopefully the berghia continue to breed in the nano. Thanks for the good customer service and fast delivery. Now all I have to do is wait and see if they can knock out my aiptasia pandemic! Sincerely, Josh

Testimonial by: Josh

Date Added: 12-30-2009



Frags look amazing and much larger then I expected. Your communication was outstanding. Thank you

Bill C. from Indiana