Just wanted to send you a quick Thank You for your great service. Berghia's arrived well and are now busy in my tank with lots to eat. I saw them last night munching on their favorite food.

Mike B. from Oakland CA


Gorgeous Corals!

Thank you - everything looks great! The rock with the Anthelia and Eagle-eye zoanthids is beautiful. And I was surprised to find a couple of serpent stars! They are gorgeous. I put the biggest one into my refugium. Oh, yes, the candycane is absolutely amazing! The color is incredible in both daylight and moonlight. I see what you mean about the photo not doing it justice. The color is much brighter in reality. All the pieces are really nice - the birdsnest is so pretty and delicate, and the orange-lime zoanthids are indeed very colorful and bright. There are a couple of all-lime zoanthids on that rock, too. They glow. Thanks again - I will definitely return to your site for future purchases. Regards, Laurie

Testimonial by: Laurie

Date Added: 01-27-2010


So far, So good.

Just wanted to let you know that the 5 Berghia arrived in great shape. Nice job with the packaging and heat packs. I decided to place them in a holding tank, so I can monitor them and hand feed them aiptasia. I found some info on how to do this onlin...