Thanks for knowledge and professionalism.

Not sure if I thanked you for your excellent customer service but I really appreciated the whole process. Thanks again for your knowledge and professionalism. You may also post this on your site to let others know you are a first class operation. In th...




Have you ever opened your coral shipment...only to find out that you have been a victim of Coral Rape? Coral Rape is where you order what you think will be decent sized frags; only to find out that you have been shipped a less than one inch coral??? WELL!!!! Salty Underground is NOT this kind of store! The FRAGS I received were HUGE! and fully colored up...as depicted in their website pictures! Mad Props to SALTYUNDERGROUND for growing quality corals and keeping the captive coral growing industry HONEST and AWESOME! Thanks. Dave 20years experience growing coral. Licensed with the Florida Dept. Of Agriculture, Aquaculture Division. :)

Testimonial by: David Armstrong of Bonita Springs, FL

Date Added: 10-13-2010


Could Not Be Happier

The purchases that we have made through your company have been nothing short of stellar. They were very accurately represented on your website and each piece brought additional flavor to my tank. Your customer service is second to none. Your comm...

Stephen K. from Old Hickory, TN