I'm so glad I found this site!

I have made many orders and have never been disappointed. Superior corals and superior customer service. There is no better place to buy coral.

John McClellan from Texas



The berghia arrived right at 10:30AM. Followed the instructions to a T. It went very smoothly and the first one in the tank found an anemone and started picking it apart. I put a medium anemone in the bag as suggested and that made it even easier. The 15 or so remaining Berghia at the time pounced on it and I was able to place all of them on the rock with the dead anemone at the same time. Turned all the lights, returns, etc. back on and just watched them finish off the anemone. Thanks for your help and the heads up with the weather.

Testimonial by: Richard P. of Virginia

Date Added: 07-11-2011


Good Job

I would like to express my gratitude for your services. Great selection, fair prices, images which are visible and not altered, and attentive customer service all add up to a nice package. I have seen your business grow over the last few years an...

Chris A. from Colorado