Berghia amazing

I bought 5 berghia early December. I put 3 in overflow cause I had no less than 50 aiptasia in the overflow. Put the other 2 in display tank. There were around 30 in main tank. In about a month I had around 20 berghia and 0 aiptasia. Love a aiptasia fr...

Keith Webb from Tennessee


Very happy

I received my order of coral in less than 24 hours (shipped at 5pm arrived at 9am next day). After being acclimated all of the corals were placed in the tank. They looked so good! In my rush to place them, I neglected to identify them...I e-mailed Lisa and she was so courteous and e-mailed me the list of items. Now, silly me, I could have just gone to my account page and looked. She could have told me that, BUT NO! She went out of her way to assist me. The corals are looking fantastic and growing already. I can be nothing but satisfied with this company. I only live about two hours from their location so sometime soon there will be a road trip to load up!!! Thank You, Salty Underground and keep up the great work!

Testimonial by: Marla Wilson of Illinois

Date Added: 09-16-2011


Good Size Berghia

Got them around 11:15, did what you said they are looking good so far I will keep you posted on them. I also am very happy with there size and how good they looked upon arrival I have been posting picture's of them on various forum's I moderate and giv...